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Cedric C. June 22, 2023
"When I purchased an old home in Cary a few years back, Ronald put a new roof on the house and an adjacent carport and shed combo. He did awesome and fast work. I contacted him some time later because I had an issue not related to the work he had done and he came by my place to take a look and gave good advice and helped arrive to the best solution, no questions asked. He does tend to be busy but he is easy to work with and generally a great professional. I will use his services for anything related in the future. I definitely recommend!"
Brandon S. October 2, 2022
"Two things I look for in a sheet metal shop are quality of the work and turn around time. I have used Ron Gipson's sheet metal shop for a number of years and I have never had to return any metal due to workmanship issues. Ron always has the metal ready when I need it. He has never disappointed and I would recommend him to any roofing company that has a need to outsource some of their sheet metal work."
Adam C. February 22, 2022
"I needed metal work for a customer who was missing one of their panel covers. We needed the cover ASAP for inspections. Our options were to replace the entire panel, since the covers are obsolete, or try our luck with having one fabricated to match the other cover that wasn't missing. Luckily, we went the fabrication route. Ron and his crew came through and made an EXACT replica of the panel cover. Not only did they go the extra mile and paint the cover for us (we didn't request this but he knew we would need it), but they turned it around in less than 24 hours! I've worked on other projects with Ron and his crew, and I can say that they are true craftsmen. I would recommend them for any sheet metal needs you have."